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Jelly Beans
It's been four hours since I last came out of my room, and several more since I've eaten anything substantial. A growling noise erupts from my wendigo of a stomach, filling the room and bouncing from wall to wall before returning to lash at my eardrums. I take that as my cue to get up.
Climbing down from my loft bed is, you could say, a rather tall order when the ceiling fan is running, so of course, it's turned off. If it wasn't for my window fan (which isn't really in the window), it would be ninety in here.
It's still, like, eighty-nine.
I ignore my sibling and the associated pings and incomprehensible rambling that come with her obsessive game-playing and step over piles of her trash and belongings to get to the door. She pauses.
"Is dad sleeping?" she inquires, speech somewhat slurred and words oddly formed, a curse caused by autism that follows her and makes it hard for others to understand her.
Not me, though. I've been with her for fourteen years, going on fifteen. I know her s
:iconprincesscurlycue:PrincessCurlyCue 1 3
Race - [8/100]
Her lips were tugged into a smile as she exited the house, extra large sweater rolled up past elbows and pretty purple eyes blown wide with excitement. The front door was shoved open and out of her way as she burst out of the castle, slowing to a stop in the front yard.
Today was the day.
Today was the day.
She plopped down into a sitting position, legs crossed, and leaned back to lie down in the grass. She was just starting to chill out when she was joined by one, two, three new presences. The smile turned to a grin, and she sat up as a slightly rough feminine voice greeted her.
"You enjoyin' your lawnging session?"
Splatter laughed. "Lawnging?" A pair of arms wrapped around her midsection, and a glance told her that the culprit was Audi, and she mussed her hair playfully. Quiet greetings aside, she smiled softly and waved at Citrus before turning back to Busted.
Busted shrugged, smirking self-assuredly. "Lawn, lounging- good enough, whatever, you kn
:iconprincesscurlycue:PrincessCurlyCue 1 0
Mature content
Room :iconprincesscurlycue:PrincessCurlyCue 0 0
Happy Birthday, Vlossy! by PrincessCurlyCue Happy Birthday, Vlossy! :iconprincesscurlycue:PrincessCurlyCue 10 12 Blueberry Blaze by PrincessCurlyCue Blueberry Blaze :iconprincesscurlycue:PrincessCurlyCue 8 6 Dodge by PrincessCurlyCue Dodge :iconprincesscurlycue:PrincessCurlyCue 13 8
Fish - [7/100]
It had been a couple years, and Capricorn's Wish and Dusklight Rebellion were approaching adolescence. They were old enough to be taken to events now, despite their mother's reservations, and Capricorn (Senior, their dad) advocated for them. It had taken a while, but eventually, Curly'd given reluctant assent, and when they received an invitation to some sort of fancy, diplomatic party, the kids were dragged along with them.
Not that they minded. They were actually really excited to be going, though Rebellion was rather... rebellious when it came to the dress code.
She outright refused to wear any sort of dress- her aunt was really rubbing off on her. Apparently she didn't like suits much either, but she settled for one in lieu of a dress, calling such attire, quote, "horrid, stuffy, feminine-stereotypical bullshit," unquote.
So the kids were both stuffed in uncomfortable suits at a party which did not reach any of their expectations and was attended by nobody they knew. They were, und
:iconprincesscurlycue:PrincessCurlyCue 1 2
Happy (Belated?) Birthday, DeviantArt! by PrincessCurlyCue Happy (Belated?) Birthday, DeviantArt! :iconprincesscurlycue:PrincessCurlyCue 3 0
Bread - [6/100]
The first thing Curly noticed when she got home was that the curtains in the living room were drawn together; usually, she had them thrown open, as far apart as she could get them, letting in the optimum amount of light, and that was how they'd been when she left. Someone must have shut them, she figured, and she absently wondered if Capricorn was hungover again.
Shifting her hold on the bag of groceries in her hand, Curly turned the knob on the door and walked in, immediately moving toward the kitchen. As she set the goods on the counter and turned to check the living room for bottles, she heard some strange noises.
Listening closer, she realized that the voices she'd immediately recognized as Clemintine's and Dalenstine's were... role playing, or something. Curly stepped into the doorway and leaned against it, barely fighting off the smile that was trying so desperately to move her lips. She eventually failed, letting out a quiet chuckle, at which Clemintine stuttered in the middle o
:iconprincesscurlycue:PrincessCurlyCue 1 2
Clip - [5/100]
Clemintine let out a small huff as Curly brushed through a knot.
The hands currently working her hair backed away momentarily as her best friend murmured an apology. Clemintine smiled as she felt a pair of arms wrap themselves around her neck and over her shoulders while a face buried itself in her hair, but she quickly tried to hide it, reminding herself that she was trying to look angry.
Curly hummed, pressing a gentle kiss to her scalp and swaying slightly from side to side.
"Come on, Clem... you know I'm trying. Plus, it wouldn't be so bad if you would just keep your hair neater. Or let me do it! I like doing your hair."
Clemintine sniffed and shrugged. "Too much effort; it's just gonna get messed up again anyway."
Curly rolled her eyes, retracting her arms (and tugging them towards her when Clemintine tried to stop them from going back to their jobs). "Well, if nobody does it on a regular basis, that means that you'll just have to deal with the painful brushings."
:iconprincesscurlycue:PrincessCurlyCue 0 2
Salt - [4/100]
Capricorn could feel Dalenstine's glare concentrated on him, even if he had his eyes closed and his face tilted back towards the ceiling. He let out a slow, deliberate breath, trying to alleviate some of his discomfort and failing miserably.
"What do you mean you ate too many baked potatoes? How does that have anything to do with my sudden inability to possess you?"
Capricorn's face screwed up in annoyance and discomfort. "Dude, Dalenstine. Do you even know what a baked potato is?"
Dalenstine looked absolutely affronted. "Excuse-- do I know what it is?? Capricorn, you fucking asshole, it is a baked... fucking...
potato. How complicated could it possibly be? It's pretty goddamn self-explanatory."
Capricorn let out a long, drawn-out sigh as he moved his head to look at him. He didn't seem too impressed, even when Dalenstine began to make a low growling noise.
"Careful, Dalenstine, your literal inner demon is showing. Have you even seen the sodium conte
:iconprincesscurlycue:PrincessCurlyCue 2 2
Sand - [3/100]
She giggled at the sensation of the thousands of little granules of minerals slipping between her toes. It was a warm day, the sky partially cloudy, so the sand was a nice, bearably hot temperature, and the water was soothingly chilly in contrast.
Slowly, she leaned back until she was laying down, the sun occasionally bursting through the clouds to provide warmth with its rays. Her eyes fluttered shut, and soon, she was asleep.
Not far away, two small heads broke the surface of the water, gasping for air.
"I win!"
"No, I do!"
"You're lying!"
"No, you are!"
"I stayed under for longer, so that means I won!!"
"Don't say that, that's a bad word!!"
"I don't give a sh--"
"That's it, I'm telling."
"Not if I do it first!"
They cried out in unison, and the woman woke from her short slumber with a snort.
"Huh? Hm- what?"
She yawned, locking eyes with the elder child, and he knew they'd be in trouble, judging from
:iconprincesscurlycue:PrincessCurlyCue 2 0
Plus One to Polyamory
Clemintine shifted awkwardly in her chair, looking anywhere but the searching eyes of her best friend across the table.
"Well, I mean, obviously you guys don't have to. Let me, I mean. I was just asking, geez--"
Whatever she was going to say next was cut off (along with her air supply) as Curly's arms threw themselves around her midsection, squeezing tightly.
"Hells yeah! Aw man, this is great. Now you'll be more included, and I'll get to spend more time with you! I hope Capricorn'll be okay with this... Dalenstine should be fine though. We should go ask them anyway!"
Clemintine didn't even get a word in edgewise before an overexcited Curly dragged her off by the wrist on some wild goose chase to find Dalenstine.
As she sped along in Curly's wake, she couldn't help but think that if the rest of the relationship was anything like this, she'd never be bored again.
:iconprincesscurlycue:PrincessCurlyCue 1 0
Sketch by PrincessCurlyCue Sketch :iconprincesscurlycue:PrincessCurlyCue 0 2
Mature content
Treat - [2/100] :iconprincesscurlycue:PrincessCurlyCue 0 6
Dance - [1/100]
Curly smiled and slid to the left, doing a little twirl and sticking out her foot, bobbing her head in time with the music playing through her earbuds. She laughed as she swooped down to grab a mug from the dishwasher, quickly drying it before sliding to the right to set it on the cupboard shelf. She giggled and repeated the actions, caught up in her own rhythm.
After a moment or so, the song changed, and she listened for a second, her smile growing quickly into a grin. Soon enough, Curly was thoroughly enjoying herself, humming, swaying her hips, busting out some moves, even singing a couple lines. The dishes sat in the dishwasher, her job all but forgotten until the song ended and a pair of bright, twinkling blue eyes stared into her own.
She nearly screamed, then shot him a playful glare as she clutched at her rapidly beating heart. Capricorn laughed. “Nice moves, Curly,” he complimented, stifling another grin; he was failing, a small smile escaping and quickly evolving,
:iconprincesscurlycue:PrincessCurlyCue 2 6


Re-Imagine by yuumei Re-Imagine :iconyuumei:yuumei 65,055 3,253
billet-doux | tsunemori akane
tsunemori akane x gn!reader
warning: mild spoilers?
10 truths about tsunemori akane
Akane is awkward around commanding officers. She is awkward because her smiles are a little too easy and her eyes are a little too glassy, and she falls too comfortably into smooth sentences and light laughter. She is suddenly too responsible, too perfect without blemish. If anyone dared to look closer, they would notice the steel walls around her gentle heart and the ice-like-daggers she plants under her tongue. But all that is the fine-print that comes with the fame of growing up too quickly and understanding a little too much; how effortless it is to blur the line between persona and person.
She likes to sleep with the blinds thrown wide open. You don't understand it at first, you hate the bright lights of the city and you feel strangely vulnerable with the windows unveiled.
But when one night you fall asleep tangled in her graceful limbs and you wake up before her and see how the sun t
:iconpvlimpsest:pvlimpsest 16 5
timber | 707
707 x f!reader
warning: profanity, spoilers for... a lot of the routes
tbh you probably shouldn't read this unless 1) you absolutely want to or 2) if you've played all or most of the routes and you won't be surprised by anything
reset au
alternative title: the abandonment of choi saeyoung told in 17 parts and maybe just a little bit more

(readyaimfireaway okay this was supposed to be rlly fluffy and nice, but it turned out horribly wrong, but i hope you'll like it regardless????? anyways happy birthday, baby, i love you!!!!)

i. question: which personality of mine did you fall in love with?
Years later, on the last day of winter, you will look back on your shared history and smile.
You will regard those that you loved with warmth and the one you still love with something more and in the midst or all of it, you will laugh and thank the higher power that decided to subject you to it all.
You will realize that this is life, one lesson at a time, each mistake either bringin
:iconpvlimpsest:pvlimpsest 80 22
milk and honey | shiro
shiro x gn!reader
warning: alcohol/underaged drinking
earth, high school au
this morning's supersymmetry
As soon as he hears pebbles knocking against his bedroom window, Shiro knows it's about time to head out.
He slips on a hoodie and creeps past his brother's door, careful not to wake any of his peacefully sleeping family members. When he steps outside his door, his greeted with your bright grin and loosely folded arms over an oversized sweater.
Shiro shakes his head with an amused sigh and raises his eyebrows, leaning his weight against the frame of his porch and looks at you expectantly.
You hold up your car keys and grin, motioning your head towards your car. It's old and rusting, but you love it with all your heart and insist on calling it 'Voltron' for some odd reason.
He finally breaks into a smile and walks over to you silently, stopping when he's standing over you, your chest almost brushing against his.
:iconpvlimpsest:pvlimpsest 99 15
of strange meetings. ( college!au ) | keith
“dude, two o’clock.”
lance is really bad at whispering; keith has learned that in their few years of friendship. nearby classmates send death glares their way-- something that seems to happen more often than it should, now that he thinks about it. but lance just ignores them all, nudging his friend persistently until he loses focus of what the professor is saying.
he stops typing his notes, then glances at the clock.
“it’s not even close to two. it’s eleven. maybe you should go back to elementary school and learn how to read time.”
stupid keith and his deadpan responses.
he elbows him harder.
“do you ever take a hint? two o’ clock.”
normally, keith disregards everything lance says or does, especially during class. but lance has freakishly sharp elbows.
“stop it.” he retorts, slapping the other’s arm away. “and what’s supposed to happen at two? did you finally manage to get that girl to go o
:iconciiren:ciiren 171 20
|| Hard to Define
Everything’s fine.
Yet here you are, bothered, pondering, wondering. You rest your chin on your crossed arms on the table. Your eyes focus elsewhere, not onto anything on your surroundings but into space, away from reality.
“Are you okay?”
A familiar masculine voice is a call to come back to your senses.
Back to reality.
You blink.
You find yourself back in the fast food chain with your good friend and frequent companion. Keith looks at you with concern, an emotion he tends to show but never exactly act on. But it seems like he was learning how to do so. Then again, it’s what you should expect as he’s made friends with a rather odd (for the lack of a better term) but nice group of people.
All you can do is smile sheepishly in response, “Sorry.” You tell him as you look down at the meal you were currently eating. You grab your iced tea and take a sip of the beverage, trying not to feel too conscious under the gaze of the other teen. Sudde
:iconlostfragiledreams:lostfragiledreams 31 3
the stars are telling me they're protecting you
curled fingers and trembling kisses
pressed against my heart as i miss you;
i imagine you in space, the stars burning in your eyes
just for you, and i hope that you’re thinking of me.
we used to sit on the roof of your house
and you’d show me the constellations.
i never understood what they meant to you
but the shimmer in your eyes, stardust and a milky way
glimmering in your steadfast gaze --
i understood enough.
and all i want is for you to take my hand
and tell me that i belong to you.
“forever is a long time,” you laugh
as i press my kisses to your heart, and
then you say, “but i can live through forever with you.”
where are you now, adrift in the navy atmosphere,
missing your family and your home? grey cotton
chokes you up, a red stain on your suit, and i wake up
with your name on my lips
but you aren’t there.
i memorized the constellations for you.
when you come home, i’ll point them out and
tell you about how they came to be, and w
:iconkuragebot:kuragebot 20 2
reticence. lance x mute!agender!reader
BluePaladin: boom shaka laka
You scrunched up your nose as you stared at your computer screen in disgust -- or, well, a much milder version of it, since you actually thought quite fondly of BluePaladin. You had gotten Voltron: Legendary Defenders as soon as it came out, thanks to the promise you made with your parents that if you made some friends at school this semester, they’d buy it for you when it came out. Now, with your new (and only) friends -- Pidge and Hunk, respectively -- at your side, you were all ready to team up and kick alien ass.
“Gee Hunk, what’s taking you?” Pidge asked as they rolled onto their back, having made themselves comfortable on your bed. You sat at your desk, your laptop set up before you, the game already loaded. Pidge was waiting for Hunk, though, whose bulky laptop was still turning on.
“Cut me some slack, this is an old model,” he complained as he lightly tapped the machine, as if it would help. “I
:iconkuragebot:kuragebot 150 15
your love is my religion. keith x gn!reader
It’s funny, you think as you watch him sleep, how space works.
Does it end? Where does it begin? You remember your mother, her warm hand on your back as you lean against her breast and she reads you passages from the bible.  “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”; amidst the tales of creating stars and parting seas, those words -- John 15:14, you remembered -- stuck with you.  You weren’t religious. Your mother was, your father was, but you had always been more fascinated by the stars. The chemicals and their reactions, science and truth you can touch and feel. When you left to become a pilot your mother cried, but you murmured that passage -- the one thing the bible, as fantastical and whimsical and fake as it seemed to you -- that you had always held tightly onto since your youth.
And then you had smiled, and said, “If I die, when I die, I want it to be when I’m protecting the people I lo
:iconkuragebot:kuragebot 127 12
Commission :Tarot Card The Magician by AlexielApril Commission :Tarot Card The Magician :iconalexielapril:AlexielApril 174 6
A Kind Deed (Merlin x Reader/OC)
Brief setup: Arthur is king, he does not know about Merlin, Arodess is an OC that I will not physically describe so you are able to insert yourself, or build her up in your own imagination.  Takes place after The Dolma… incident…
Arthur had insisted on the hunting trip and on dragging Merlin along. It was a warm afternoon as the two friends made their way quietly through knee high bramble and overhanging trees. They were hunting stag, well, Arthur was hunting stag, Merlin was panting as quietly as he could under the prince’s baggage.
“Say, how much longer are we going to be out here?”
“Merlin…” Arthur whispered.
“We're a few hours away from Camelot, and we left the horses ways back.”
“Merlin…” the prince whispered more harshly. His eyes on the stag ahead of him as he aimed the crossbow and crept closer. Merlin followed, paying no mind to the animal ahead of them.
“At this rate we're going to get ba
:iconarodess:Arodess 1 0
Merlin x Reader Soulmate AU
“I’m telling you, Gaius, I felt something. It has to be magic if I woke up like that,” Merlin stood in front of his room as his older companion prepared breakfast.
“Merlin,” Gaius sighed and turned to the young man, “It could simply be nothing, but.....if you feel so strongly about it we should keep our eyes open.”
Merlin simply nodded with a minute smile, not informing Gaius that, despite all they’ve been through, he was strangely looking forward to discovering the source of his new curiosity.
The young sorcerer went back into his room to dress for the day and giving the world a hopeful smile as his blue eyes peered down at his golden mark over his heart.
“Someday,” Merlin whispered to himself before pulling on a colored shirt.
* * *
Hide it.
You had to hide it.
The gold, the shape, the details.
A mark that helped bring souls together must be hidden.
Everyone else did since as long as their ancestors could remember. A unique
:iconsweetjedigirl00123:SweetJediGirl00123 10 2
Yah by echobone Yah :iconechobone:echobone 116 2 uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu eooooooooooooo by echobone uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu eooooooooooooo :iconechobone:echobone 112 10 0PALAal by echobone 0PALAal :iconechobone:echobone 210 17 [CLOSE] Chibi Commission Prices by AvoidedExistence [CLOSE] Chibi Commission Prices :iconavoidedexistence:AvoidedExistence 5 4


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Hahaha, okay, so I've got a lot of shit going on, including packing up, moving, dealing with my parents' divorce, and high school on top of all that, so I probably won't be active for a while. I know I've been ignoring a lot of you, and I apologize for that, but now is just not the best time for me. I'll make some more detailed plans/share some ideas on how this might go as far as checking up on here later, but for now? Talk to you later dudes; hope you're all having a wonderful day. 
Don't you just love the feeling of having to go to school in an hour on no sleep? I know I do!! (: (: (:
x_x I was just outside for an hour with my family to do yard work and now I have 5,000,000+ mosquito bites

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:iconravenluvssesshomaru: RavenluvsSesshomaru

:iconemism: Emism
this username is pretty cool too; seriously, why are all these usernames so awesome?

:iconannewipf: annewipf

:iconleathurkatt-tftiggy: Leathurkatt-TFTiggy
wow yep your username is difficult to type

:iconriukkii: Riukkii

:iconladyofmanyartforms: LadyOfManyArtForms

:iconlora-vysotskaya: Lora-Vysotskaya

:iconpriteeboy: priteeboy
I see what you did there; nice username, I like it ^^

:iconfelondog: FelonDog

:iconanyzamarah: Anyzamarah

:iconsheilambrinson: SheilaMBrinson

:icontigerstarcatcher: TigerStarcatcher
tbh your username reminds me of the star-catching thing from Dora the Explorer

:iconpeculiardork: PeculiarDork
I love your username <3

:iconszluu: szluu

:iconpoke-melody: Poke-Melody

:iconcrazycats161616: crazycats161616
I love your works <3

:iconotterandterrier: OtterAndTerrier

:iconjuliafliess: JuliaFliess

:iconxkiaraangelx: xKiaraAngelx

:iconkaleillia: Kaleillia
your username is cool but it basically killed me when I tried to type it

And I'd also like to thank people for a couple other things, since I'm already at it ^^;

Sunheart122 - Thanks for watching, dude! I rate you 500000/10 because you're cool af <3
Namine-Kitten - Thanks for the favourite! ^^
DaggerBark & noobpinky - Thanks for the +watch! <3


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